You Won’t Believe How the FBI Caught This Suspect!

You Won't Believe How the FBI Caught This Suspect!

( – This story is crazy. It just goes to show how good the FBI is at catching the bad guys.

A 33-year-old Philadelphia woman named Lore-Elisabeth Blumenthal now faces two counts of felony arson after she torched two cop cars during a riot. According to the official criminal complaint, federal agents found her by using social media, a t-shirt sale, and a peace sign tattoo.

First, the Tattoo

The hunt for Blumenthal began when FBI Special Agent Joseph Carpenter saw a video of her shoving a piece of burning wood into a police SUV on the local Philadelphia news. The FBI also received a video of the crime from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which had been posted on Vimeo.

Carpenter started investigating, and he found a photo of the event on Instagram. After asking the account-holder to provide more pictures, he noticed a small tattoo of a peace sign on the arsonist’s forearm. Ironic, right?

Then the T-Shirt

Because Blumenthal was wearing a face covering, they weren’t able to identify her at first. But the FBI kept digging. Carpenter received about 500 photos of the protest from an amateur photographer. In those photos, he was able to see Blumenthal’s t-shirt, which read, “Keep the immigrants, deport the racists.”

The federal agents tracked down the t-shirt to a sale on Etsy, where they found a public account that gave the t-shirt a five-star review. That account belongs to someone in Philadelphia named “alleycatlore.”

So they did a quick online search for alleycatlore and came up with a Poshmaker user whose name was “lore-elisabeth.” The clues just kept adding up.

And the hunt didn’t stop there.

On to Social Media

Next, they searched for “lore-elisabeth” and found a LinkedIn account for a woman named Lore Elisabeth, a massage therapist. The agents went to the website of the massage therapy company, where she worked, and they found some old videos.

Then lo and behold, they saw a woman with the same peace sign tattoo on her forearm.

From the company’s website, they found a phone number for Lore Elisabeth. Once they had her phone number, they were able to locate her on the Pennsylvania DMV, where they discovered her home address.

Carpenter says once they had that information, they got a grand jury subpoena for the Etsy seller, which turned up a receipt for the “Keep immigrants, deport the racists” t-shirt. That receipt showed that the shirt was mailed to Blumenthal’s address.

She was busted!

Blumenthal is now in federal custody. She’s facing 10 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

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