Who Is the Militia Marching on Atlanta?

Who is the Militia Marching on Atlanta?

(NewsBreakDaily.org) – On Saturday, an all-Black militia and a group of protesters tried to intimidate people in Atlanta, Georgia. They were heavily armed as they marched on Stone Mountain Park, looking for white nationalists to confront.

The group of nearly 1,000 people demanded the removal of the rock carvings on Stone Mountain. It features Confederate figures Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Jefferson Davis.

Many people on social media mistakenly called the group Black Panthers. But leaders of the militia say they’re not affiliated with this Marxist group that existed between the 1960s and 1980s. They’re also not affiliated with Black Lives Matter. Instead, they call themselves the “Not F***ing Around Coalition” (NFAC).

Fortunately, the NFAC was peaceful on Saturday. The First and Second Amendments gave them every right to protest and to carry their guns openly. But it’s concerning that they were looking for a fight with other armed militias. Emotions are high right now. It wouldn’t take much to go from peaceful protesting to conflict.

As the NFAC marched, they chanted, “I don’t see no white militia. We’re here, where you at? We’re in your house.”

The spokesperson for the Stone Mountain Memorial Association, John Bankhead, said they see protests on both sides at the park. He acknowledged the Confederate monument is often used as a meeting place for other militias. That’s why the NFAC chose this location for their protest.

Kudos to the Stone Mountain police who kept this whole thing under control. While they allowed the NFAC into the park, they didn’t let anyone else in, so there were no problems. Let’s hope it stays that way.

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