Washington Post Settles With Trump Supporting Student

Washington Post Pays

(NewsBreakDaily.org) – Nicholas Sandmann is a Covington High School student who was vilified in the press last year. He was attacked mercilessly because he wore a red MAGA hat on his visit to the Lincoln Memorial. After having his life wrecked and being dragged through the mud, Sandmann declared victory on Friday when he announced he’d settled the defamation suit against the Washington Post.

In 2019, Sandmann and his Covington classmates were called all sorts of derogatory names on social media and by the press. They jumped to the worst conclusions about these kids based solely on the fact that they supported President Trump. The Washington Post even labeled them racist.

The Settlement

On Friday, a spokesperson from the Post, Kris Coratti, said the paper was pleased they reached a “mutually agreeable resolution” to the lawsuit. They did not disclose how much they settled for.

The US District Judge William Odis Bertelsman, who oversaw the case, initially dismissed the suit last July. So Sandmann and his attorneys refiled using a narrower scope. The new lawsuit accused the paper of mischaracterizing Sandmann’s encounter with an older man who was participating in the Indigenous Peoples March.

In the infamous viral video, the young man is seen in his “Make America Great Again” hat, seemingly taunting the man. However, when more extensive footage was released, it was clear a group of Black Hebrew Israelites instigated the confrontation. Sandmann was just innocently standing there.

He’s Suing More Than Just The Post

He filed suits against several media outlets who slandered him over the incident. In January, he settled one case against CNN where he was seeking $275 million in damages. The cable network has not disclosed the amount of the settlement.

Sandmann turned 18 on Friday. One would hope the networks who slandered him and his classmates have learned a lesson about jumping to conclusions. But given the Leftist bias in the media, it’s doubtful.

They always seem quick to attack Trump supporters. But those people are learning they can fight back through the courts. If we can’t make them stop reporting fake news, we can at least make them pay for it.

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