Two-Faced Twitter Still at It

Two-Faced Twitter Still at It

( – Twitter, a public “forum” platform known that purports itself to be a place for the exchange of ideas, continues to act more like a news organization. It’s editorializing or simply deleting Conservative viewpoints. This time, its target is Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) who posted a series of tweets condemning Antifa’s role in the riots overtaking the country.

Denouncing Antifa

They claim by supporting President Donald Trump’s position on the use of the National Guard, and perhaps the US military, to shut down the deadly violence rocking the United States that he was “promoting violence.” However, a quick search of the site shows that they don’t hold the Communist/Socialist/Anarchist people and groups to anything close to that standard.

Progressive Get a Pass

Just two examples are the Leftist Institute for Political Studies and one of their writers by the name of Lucy MacAuley, who’s firmly and proudly in the Anarchist camp. They’re the polar opposite of the conservative representative, but of course, they don’t get deleted or have an editorial stamp put on them. They have posted either tacit or explicit support for those who are burning, looting, and killing.

From the day Trump won the election, their opposition has continued to devolve. What started as anger and surprise after Hillary Clinton lost grew to vitriolic rhetoric. Now the words have changed into rocks, bottles, and Molotov cocktails.

The way George Floyd died on the streets of Minneapolis should never happen in America. But what’s happening now neither honors his memory nor will it result in any productive outcomes. If this should turn into an all-out second Civil War, the only thing America will have is a tragedy.

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