Trump: “We’ll Not Be Defunding Police”

Trump: 'We'll Not Be Defunding Police'

( – On June 11, President Trump announced he’s finalizing an executive order that’ll require police departments to meet new standards when it comes to the use of force. The commander-in-chief discussed the change at a roundtable event at Gateway Church in Dallas with faith leaders, small business owners, and law enforcement officials. He also made sure he let Americans know he is going to keep them safe.

Trump said his order will call for de-escalation tactics. However, he was very clear there will be no defunding or getting rid of the police, as many Democrats are calling for. The president said that he’s going in the opposite direction of defunding. Instead, he wants to make sure that the nation’s police are well-trained and have the best equipment.

The president called for the police to start “dominating the streets with compassion.” He also plans to push for some new pilot programs that’ll allow social workers and law enforcement to work together in distressed communities across the country.

In addition to the executive order, Trump said he plans to address school choice and health care disparities in minority neighborhoods. He’ll also be working on economic development in these communities.

In his announcement, Trump slammed the Left, saying they’re trying to stoke division and push an extreme agenda. He also said the Democrats’ plan to defund the police would only lead to more crime, more poverty, and more suffering.

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