Trump vs. Twitter

Trump vs. Twitter

( – Once again the Leftist media — social media this time — has decided to go to war against President Donald Trump. Twitter decided the president’s tweet about mail-in voting needed a fact-checking tag. This, in turn, sparked an argument over what may or may not be protected speech under the First Amendment. As Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) said when a “forum” begins to make editorial decisions, they become a de facto member of the media.

It should come as no surprise that Progressive Liberals have come down firmly on the side of the social media giant. They boldly claim that the president’s worry about the security of the system and the potential for massive voter fraud is nothing but the histrionics of an unstable man. Naturally, they failed to acknowledge the expert opinions that back up his concerns.

In 2005, former-President Jimmy Carter chaired a bipartisan panel called the Commission on Federal Election Reform on this very topic. The conclusion was letting people cast their ballots outside of the environment of the polling center was one that could be exploited. The Carter Foundation has tried to backtrack on that statement, saying it’s only when “safeguards are lacking,” as Liberals are wont to do.

The political-Left is desperate to remove Trump from office. They tried the scam of impeachment, it didn’t work. They keep launching congressional “investigations [read witch hunts],” those don’t work. Now, whether by design or coincidence, the media is trying to discredit everything he says.

Hopefully, the American people will see through this and it won’t work either.

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