Trump Takes Aim at Social Media Giants

Trump Takes Aim at Social Media Giants

( – President Donald Trump met expectations today when he signed an executive order aimed to take on social media giants when they cross from town-square-style forums into editorial censorship. This comes after Twitter asked users to fact check two of his recent tweets. It was a move many, but certainly not all, feel takes them into the realm where federal law would treat them the same as ABC or CNN.

The president found a little bit of unexpected support when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took Twitter to task for their actions during a televised interview, where he said social media platforms should not be the “arbiter of truth.” Of course, that was before the executive order was signed and public commentary on his position could start circulating.

In typical fashion, the Progressive Liberal cabal decried this as the move of a dictator. Considering their attempts to move the country to a Communist/Socialist regime their reaction seems just a bit … disingenuous. Perhaps the rhetoric really isn’t unexpected considering their obsession with removing Trump from power.

Everyone should expect that Twitter will take this to court and fight. It may take a day or two depending on how long it takes for their attorneys to go to the Ninth Circuit “grocery store” and pick out just the right judge to hear their motion.

These tech companies purport to be places where people can come together to share and exchange ideas of all sorts. Unfortunately, they’ve started removing pro-Conservative and anti-China content at their own discretion, which really puts the lie to their contentions.

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