Trump Sends Seattle Ultimatum

Trump Sends Seattle Ultimatum

( – The situation in Seattle, Washington, continues to spiral downward. On Wednesday, protesters seized their own six-block “autonomous zone” in the city, making it clear local officials have completely lost control. President Donald Trump has had enough.

On Thursday, the occupying protesters released an outrageous list of demands. It included rent control, police reform, and free college. There’s no clear leader of the group, so police are having a tough time negotiating with them.

In a 30-point list posted online, the demonstrators demanded the Seattle Council and the mayor not only defund the Seattle Police Department but also abolish them altogether. As if that weren’t bad enough, they also want the pensions for the police to be wiped out.

President Trump weighed in on the mess Thursday afternoon telling the radical leftist governor, Jay Inslee (D), and Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) if they didn’t regain control of the city, he’d do it himself.

Both Inslee and Durkan responded, showing absolutely no respect for the president or the law-abiding citizens of Seattle. Durkan told Trump to go back to his bunker, and Inslee basically told him to mind his own business.

This developing situation is going downhill by the hour. It looks like Trump’s going to have to take matters into his own hands, after all.

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