Trump Issues Executive Order For 1776 Commission

U.S. President Donald Trump said American parents were not going to agree to school indoctrination, cancel culture in the workplace or the repression of their traditional culture, values and faith. And, for that reason, he announced a commission that would bring patriotic education to schools.

Trump signed an executive order that creates the 1776 Commission to counter the teachings of “critical race theory” of grade and high school students seen in the New York Times’ 1619 Project. This project promoted the thought that U.S. economic development history originated through slave labor until the Civil War and that society still deals with systemic racism.

It’s a move that the Trump Campaign has seized on for the last 50 days before Nov. 3 (Election Day). There is no doubt the Trump Campaign has done research. Some of the 1776 Commission themes were unveiled during the July 3 Mt. Rushmore campaign event. The campaign recognizes that many Democrats are unhappy with the extreme left-wing, but Trump won’t let them go in peace.

Trump said the 1619 Project (also called critical race theory) is a charge against real American history – a kind of poison – that will break apart the civic bonds that bring people together. He said it’s a move to destroy the country.

The president called it child abuse.

Trump’s 1776 Commission is in response to the action by many in the academic world to teach children about an American history that acknowledges the roles slaves played in the founding of America and systemic racism.

During his speech, the president said American systemic racism is a twisted web of lies and said Americans being silent on the matter was seen as weak by radicals. However, he said, parents are anything but weak when it comes to their children, and they are demanding that children not be taught “hateful lies.”

The president said schools instead should be focusing on the American colonies’ declaration of independence from Great Britain. At the White House Conference, he said citizens would not bow down to tyranny and will reclaim their history and country.

The commission is charged with the celebration of the country’s founding 250th anniversary and work to encourage educational leaders to teach children about the miracle behind American history.

Trump’s remarks were made on Constitution Day, where he spoke on a stage in front of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence.