Trump Faces Off with Fox News’ Chris Wallace

Trump Faces Off with Fox News' Chris Wallace

( – On Sunday, President Trump gave a contentious interview to Fox News’ Chris Wallace. He defended his administration’s handling of the coronavirus and dropped some bombs on presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Trump dismissed the polls showing him trailing Biden, calling them “fake,” as he eviscerated his opponent as “not competent.”

The president’s appearance on “Fox News Sunday” was his first Sunday show interview in more than a year. It was his first with Wallace since 2018. The appearance comes with less than four months until the election.

The two had several testy exchanges. At one point, Wallace argued with Trump over whether or not Biden had called for the defunding of the police. The Fox News host insisted the former vice president had not. But the commander-in-chief was right. The Democratic nominee may not have used the phrase “defund the police,” but he did call for reallocating funds.

Overall, the interview was a strong showing for President Trump. He sounded confident about rebuilding the economy and got in several great shots on Biden and the Democrats. If the president’s appearance with Wallace is any indication, he’s going to destroy his opponent in the debates.

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