Trump Campaign Uses Biden Supporter Remarks To Tweet Possible Pennsylvania Red Tide

It didn’t take long for the reelection campaign of President Donald Trump to seize on a moment during the Joe Biden CNN town hall that took place in Pennsylvania Thursday night.

The moment happened when small business owner Susan Connors was able to ask her question. Connors is a Biden supporter but realizes that neighbors around her are pro-Trump supporters with Trump yard signs and flags. She said she looks out her window to a sea of these banners.

Connors asked the Democratic presidential hopeful what he would do to unite the country. Biden responded that no matter the outcome in November, the person would inherit a country divided and that he would be a president for everybody, not just red states.

An early September poll, just days after the Republican National Convention was held, showed that Biden’s lead in the state to just four points. 49 percent of registered voters support Biden while 45 percent support Trump. However, Pennsylvania is a swing state, which sent Donald Trump to the highest office in the land in 2016. Trump won it by 1.2 percent in 2016, where Hilary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, was slated to win.

In July, Biden held a 13-point percentage lead over the president.

Biden is a native Scranton resident and has based his campaign in Philadelphia.

Despite Biden’s vow to bridge citizens together, mandate a federal mask requirement, help the state’s economic sector and more, it seems Pennsylvania may remain Trump territory. The RNC said Biden’s plans would place a tax hike on every American household – a cost that no family needs. It said Biden’s plan is a disaster for every working person in the state.

Connor’s statement was something the Trump reelection campaign highlighted in a tweet.

“President Trump is going to win Pennsylvania again.”