Trump Calls Stimulus Bill “A Disgrace”, Threatens Veto

President Trump weighed in Tuesday evening on the stimulus package that Congress approved Monday. He called the measure “a disgrace” and claimed that the bill “was called the COVID Relief Bill but has very little to do with COVID.”

The President said that Congress should take up the bill again and not send it back to him without at least $2000 payments per person. He also called on Congress to cut out all of the unnecessary spending in the bill. For example, the bill earmarks $10,000,000 in funding for gender programs in Pakistan. Yes, you read that correctly.

One of the main problems that the President pointed to is that The COVID Relief bill was tied to an appropriations bill to fund the government for the next 12 months. Appropriations bills are how the government gets around operating without a budget.

In October, the White House sent Congress a relief bill of $1.8 trillion, which Nancy Pelosi refused to allow a vote on, double the amount that was ultimately passed yesterday. When asked by CNN why she refused to work with Republicans on the relief bill for so long, she said bluntly that she held off bringing a relief bill forward for a vote until after the election.