Trump Approval Rating Reaches Record Low After Capitol Riots

A new poll from SSRS this week shows that President Trump’s approval rating has fallen to its lowest number of his presidency at just 34% overall. 54% of respondents also supported removing Trump from office prior to the end of his term. With the Senate at recess and Mitch McConnell refusing to call an emergency session to deal with impeachment, that seems unlikely to happen now.

President Trump’s support from Republicans has also fallen steadily since mid-October but still remains fairly high at 80%. Amongst recent presidents, Trump’s approval rating upon exiting office is one of the lowest. When Richard Nixon resigned in 1973, his approval rating was just 23%. George W. Bush was at 31% when he left office, and Trump will join Jimmy Carter at 34% when he leaves office on Wednesday. When he left office in 2017, Barrack Obama had one of the highest approval ratings in history at 60%.