Texas Leads Coalition of States in Lawsuit Against Pennsylvania

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed Monday against Pennsylvania and several other states for their actions during the 2020 election. The suit alleges that the states acted in violation of the U.S. Constitution in their COVID-19 concessions made during the election such as offering mail-in ballots. The lawsuit contends that these concessions amount to depriving other citizens of equal protection under the law by debasing the value of their vote. Because this is a dispute amongst states, the U.S. Supreme Court has immediate jurisdiction.

Late Tuesday night, eight more states have joined the lawsuit. Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky, Mississippi, and South Dakota have all added their names to the suit. This coalition now represents nearly one-third of the United States, making the case much more difficult for the Supreme Court to wantonly dismiss.

Contrary to some reports on Tuesday, the Supreme Court has not yet agreed to hear the case, although it has been docketed, which basically means it has been placed on the calendar. The addition of eight more states to the suit might be enough to get the case heard by the highest court in the land.