Ted Cruz Busts Twitter and CNN

Ted Cruz Busts Twitter and CNN

(NewsBreakDaily.org) – This week, Twitter punished several Conservative users, including the president’s own son, Donald Trump Jr. The crime? Posting a video of doctors talking about the coronavirus and promoting a drug called hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).

HCQ has benefitted some people with the virus according to the doctors in the film, but ever since President Trump came out in favor of it, it’s controversial. It seems anything the commander-in-chief is for, the media immediately rallies against.

The video that Don Jr. posted quickly went viral, with millions of people viewing it before Twitter took it down, citing misinformation. The president also posted the video, but the site didn’t suspend his account — they just removed the clip.

Facebook and YouTube also removed the video from their platforms.

On Tuesday night Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) found a CNN tweet promoting hydroxychloroquine. He retweeted it and demanded that Twitter ban CNN too. Fair is fair, right?

Of course, Twitter did nothing to CNN. They didn’t even remove the tweet talking about the controversial drug. So why did they temporarily suspend Don Jr.’s account for doing the same thing? One reason comes to mind — they’re hypocritical partisan hacks.

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