School Board Says No More Cops

School Board Says No More Cops

( – Oakland, California, just did something insane that’ll put children at risk. The school board voted — unanimously — to get rid of all police officers in the city’s schools.

It’s worth noting, this is in one of the most dangerous Leftist cities in the country. What could possibly go wrong?

The Mercury News reported this week the board of the Oakland Unified School District voted to defund the department, which means no more cops in the city’s schools.

The school district will save $2.5 million by making this move, and they plan on using that money to promote restorative justice efforts and student support services.

It would be bad enough if this were a one-off. But sadly, it’s not.

Oakland Isn’t the Only City to Pull This

Last week, the Board of Education in Denver also voted unanimously to remove all police officers in Mile High City’s schools. They plan to phase their presence out between now and 2021.

It’s remarkable that these school districts are caving to mob rule. They’re in such a hurry to appear politically correct, that they’re failing to see the dangers these new laws pose.

What in the world do they think is going to happen once the resource officers are removed? What happens if there’s a mass shooting in one of these schools? These children will be sitting ducks with no cops to keep them safe.

Police officers in schools all across the country have been protecting kids and stepping up in emergency situations. Just a little research into the subject could’ve shown Oakland and Denver how valuable these resource officers are. But instead, they chose to listen to the mob chanting “defund the police.”

It’s understandable people are upset about the death of George Floyd, but abolishing cops in entire cities and school districts will not solve the problem — it’ll only create more.

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