Ruth Bader Ginsburg Liver Cancer Is Back

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Liver Cancer Is Back

( – On Friday, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg announced that her liver cancer has returned. She admitted she’s been undergoing chemotherapy since May. Could this mean President Trump will get another SCOTUS pick this year?

The Supreme Court justice released a statement revealing her immunotherapy treatment “proved unsuccessful,” but chemo “is yielding positive results.” Earlier this week, the Liberal justice was treated at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore for an infection unrelated to the cancer treatment.

She Is Not Retiring, At Least Not Yet

But even with the recurring liver cancer, 87-year-old Ginsburg says she’ll remain on the SCOTUS. She’ll continue to do her court work as long as she can do the job 100%. Right now, she claims, “I remain fully able to do that.”

Her doctors were first alerted to the growth on her liver from a medical scan in February. But she says her most recent scan on July 7 showed the liver lesions had been significantly reduced.

Ginsburg says she’s tolerating chemo well and plans to continue with bi-weekly treatments as long as she’s able to keep up with her “active daily routine.”

She’s been dealing with health crises for years. Her liver cancer is just the latest concern. Ginsburg has already battled cancers in her pancreas, lungs, and colon.

There’s no telling how she will fare this time, but her advanced age and health history are certainly a concern. The justice is doing her very best to hang in there with the hopes that Joe Biden will win the election in November so that she can finally retire in January. Time will tell if her health allows her to do that.

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