Russian Bounty Story Continues to Fall Apart

Russian Bounty Story Continues to Fall Apart

( – Earlier this summer, The New York Times dropped a “bombshell” report alleging that Russia was paying bounties to the Taliban in Afghanistan to kill American and coalition soldiers. But the story is falling apart.

Last week it was revealed that President Trump was never briefed on the Russian bounty intel because there was never a consensus on the report. In fact, the National Security Agency (NSA) strongly dissented. On top of that, the Pentagon said they have no evidence that US troops were ever targeted.

And now the CENTCOM chief says the story is bogus. Marine Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, the commander of US Central Command, said on Tuesday he found the report “very worrisome” because there wasn’t a “causative link there.”

McKenzie argued that the case was never proven. He acknowledged the Taliban continues to pose a threat in Afghanistan, however, he says he’s seen nothing to make him believe Russia was paying the Islamist group to target Americans.

In just the past couple of weeks, multiple top intel and military officials have come out and disputed the New York Times reporting. The Leftist news outlet suggested their report was a bombshell that would hurt Trump. But once again, the bombshell has been proven to be a dud.

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