Riots Across America

Riots Across America

( – Racial tensions have exploded — in some cases quite literally — across the country in the wake of a black man now dead at the hands of white police officers. While George Floyd died in Minneapolis, Minnesota, protesters have taken to the streets in various locations including Washington DC, Oakland, California, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Protests Become Riots

What started as American citizens exercising their right to protest the government quickly turned parts of some cities into virtual war zones. The White House and police stations were put under siege at the same time stores were being looted and cars were set fire in the street. Officials across the country have noted that it’s not just their citizens, they’re finding numerous outsiders in the crowds.

President Donald Trump has been joined by newspeople and some entertainers in leveling the finger at the domestic terrorist group Antifa (Anti-Fascists). This is typical of the tactics they’ve used in the past, notoriously sending instigators to turn peaceful protests into uncontrollable mobs. However, it should be noted there’s no absolute proof this is the case this time around — yet.

A Menu of Terrible Choices

While their cities burn, and their citizens die, officials are faced with nothing but unpalatable options. Some governors have activated their National Guard units, and President Trump has indicated regular military forces are available if needed. However, there’s reluctance to put them in the field to face the rioters.

The only way to quell this kind of violence is to meet it with a force greater than itself. However, doing so would likely cause many deaths and severe injuries, even if they employed less-than-lethal options like rubber bullets and tear gas. In all likelihood, that would just lead to a cycle of escalations from both sides.

On the other hand, just sitting back and letting innocent people lose their lives and businesses when they’re looted and burned to the ground is not likely to win over many people in the long run. While these outside agitators are advocating anarchy under the guise of “justice,” the average person just wants everything to return to a peaceful normal. It truly puts the decision makers in a quintessential Catch-22.

It’s not at all unusual in American history for people who see Democracy as a threat to use a crisis for their own ends. It happened in the run-up to World War II, when Socialists and Communists used the dire need for production of tanks and airplanes to advance their agenda. The Progressive Liberals in Congress have not been hesitant to use political maneuvering to the same and so it shouldn’t surprise anyone when Left-Fascist groups take to violence in that same cause.

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