Removing a BLM Mural Is Easy, Just Do This

Removing a BLM Mural Is Easy, Just Do This

( – Big yellow Black Lives Matter (BLM) murals are popping up on streets all over the country, including right in front of Trump Tower in New York. The whole situation has gotten completely out of hand. But, who knew all it would take to remove one of these paintings was the threat of a “MAGA” mural?

On the fourth of July, a California resident got permission from Redwood City leaders to paint a BLM display on Broadway Street as part of an art celebration. But just two weeks later, the city quietly removed it.

The reason? Someone asked them for permission to paint a MAGA 2020 mural nearby. Hey, two can play at this game.

Attorney Maria Rutenberg told KRON4 it was only fair to allow her Make America Great Again display since the city has turned asphalt into a public forum. She said it was important to allow free political speech for all sides, not just the Leftist BLM.

Seems reasonable, right?

Well, not according to Redwood City. Apparently, they’d rather wash BLM away in the middle of the night than allow a pro-Trump message. Instead of allowing freedom of expression for anyone, they decided to take it away from everyone.

Oh well. At least we got rid of the big yellow spectacle.

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