Reid Makes Remark That Trump Is Sicker Than He May Be Letting On

The president looks like a “very sick elderly man” – that’s what MSNBC host Joy Reid said Tuesday during her broadcast, which led to the accusation that she was hoping he’d die from COVID-19.

Reid said she felt Trump was having a hard time breathing and wasn’t looking healthy at all. She said when he put his hand on his chest, it appeared he was in pain. He wants to look tough, she said, but he’s looking like a “very sick elderly man” with makeup.

Reid said it was her take on what she saw of the president.

She then showed a tweet from Tim O’Brien of Bloomberg News that noted a timeline of the late Herman Cain, an affluent business tycoon and former Republican presidential contender, and his coronavirus diagnosis. Cain died in July after being hospitalized in early July for the disease. She said the timeline echoes Trump’s own fight with the coronavirus until the day Cain succumbed to the virus.

Reid said Cain died, and Donald Trump is tweeting people shouldn’t be scared of the virus. She said it was blatantly false, with Facebook stepping in to take the statement down and Twitter issuing a warning about it. She asked what level of danger is Trump really in as well as his staff.

Curtis Houck, managing editor of NewsBusters, said it appeared Reid was praying for death on the president. He wrote that it seems like all her talk is on the hope that he dies of the virus, as she gloats about the timeline with Herman Cain from his attendance at the Trump rally in Tulsa to his testing positive to when he died.

Reid said Trump appeared to look sick, although the week before, she suspected him faking the diagnosis to rile up his base and get out of the debates. She said her phone is full of texts with people saying they’re unsure if they can trust the White House to tell the truth about Trump’s COVID-19 status (whether he really has it or not).

Reid said the Trump administration’s credibility is all but gone.