Rand Paul’s Wife Destroys Twitter CEO for Hypocritic Stance on Violence

Kelly Paul, the wife of Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul, reminded Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey of the hateful and violent tweets sent to and about her husband after he was injured in an assault in 2017.

     “Hey @jack, remember how for the last three years you have
allowed thousands of hateful tweets celebrating my husband’s
assault and encouraging more violence against him? I do.” –

Senator Paul was assaulted in November of 2017 by a deranged neighbor while the Senator was raking yard debris into a pile in his own yard in a location near the property line. The neighbor tackled him, punching and kicking the Senator until he broke three of his ribs. The vile underbelly of Twitter cheered the assault and encouraged attacks on other Republicans. One such recent tweet targeted Senator Mitch McConnell, also a Kentuckian. The tweet came from a man named Rodney Robinson, who was named 2019 Teacher of the Year. He tweeted

“Who are Mitch McConnell’s neighbors? I’m just saying Rand
Paul’s neighbor did what a true Kentucky hero should do. It’s your
turn to step up.” [email protected]

Calls for violence against Republicans are nothing new on Twitter, but @Jack seems to selectively enforce his policy of no violence.