President Trump Responds To Goodyear’s MAGA Hats Ban 

( – President Trump lambasted Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company for prohibiting employees from wearing MAGA attires. The president did not mince his words in attacking the radical leftists in charge of the company. He asked Americans to boycott the company’s products by switching to cheaper and better alternatives.

Trump said during a Whitehouse press briefing that the company was playing politics and that “those great workers in Goodyear” supported him.

An anonymous employee publicized the ban on social media by leaking an image of a presentation taking place during a “diversity training program” that was happening at the company.

Among the banned paraphernalia includes MAGA attire of any sort, conservative political slogans such as “All Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter.” However, leftist political messages such as “Black Lives Matter” and LGBT-related slogans such as “Transgender Pride” were allowed at the company.

The company later released a statement claiming that it wholeheartedly supported “equality and law enforcement” and that the two were not mutually exclusive. The management also denied that the message was created, distributed, or endorsed by the top officials at the company. Additionally, Goodyear denied that the message was part of the diversity training program.

Contrarily, the employee who captured the slide insisted that the message was presented by an area manager and came from the corporate office in Akron, Ohio. The employee said they had no problem with BLM political messages, but prohibiting opposing political expressions was discriminatory. The employee sought to remain anonymous to avoid persecution for exposing the discrimination happening at the company.

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