President Celebrates Barrett Supreme Court Nomination

President Donald Trump was celebrating the Senate confirmation hearings of his Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett Thursday, comparing it to a freight train that no one could stop.

Trump said Barrett is so good in her line of answering questions from Senate members.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham said a full and final Senate vote confirming Barrett would probably happen next week.

During a North Carolina campaign rally, Trump talked about Barrett and celebrated his nominating three judges to the highest court, including Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Justice Neil Gorsuch. He called them fantastic intellects that will only get even better with Amy.

According to Trump, “when” he wins another four-year presidential term, he may be able to nominate up to four more to the Supreme Court.

The president noted that his successful 2016 campaign might have also hinged on his release of a list of possible Supreme Court judges. Trump said the people he chose believe in the Constitution. He said the list was important to win over conservative hold-outs, so they’d vote for him.

Trump said people told him it’s why he won the 2016 election in the first place.

The president challenged his Democratic presidential challenger to release names of people he’d choose for judges but said it would force Biden to choose people who were far-left for judges.

According to Trump, people need to see who Biden will pick. After all, it’s not acceptable for a person to nominate a radical, left justice to the Supreme Court.