Possible Dem VP Makes Trashy Remark

Possible Dem VP Makes Trashy Remark

(NewsBreakDaily.org) – Susan Rice is the former National Security Advisor to Barack Obama and a former Ambassador to the United Nations. She’s also on the shortlist for Joe Biden’s vice president (VP). You’d think that she would have the sense to be careful about the toxic words she puts out into the world. But, you’d be wrong.

On June 19, Rice appeared on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell, and she made some outrageous statements about President Trump and his supporters. First, she said the entire Trump administration was “racist to the core.”

This statement is not only extremely offensive, but it’s also not true. Donald Trump has done more for the Black community than any president in recent history. He’s created over a million jobs for minorities, cut taxes, formed “Opportunity Zones,” reformed criminal justice, created the First Step Act, and increased funding to Historically Black Colleges and Universities. These are hardly the efforts of a racist administration.

But Rice didn’t stop with just calling the Trump administration racist. She went a step further when she said the president and his supporters belonged “in the trash heap of history.”

This is reminiscent of when Hillary talked about the “basket of deplorables.” And, we all know how well that turned out for her.

Biden Should Denounce Rice, But He Probably Won’t

If Joe Biden had any sense of decency, he would denounce Rice’s unhinged statements and remove her from consideration for the VP role. The fact that he hasn’t distanced himself from comments like this, and he likely won’t, says a lot about the Democratic presidential nominee.

It seems that Susan Rice and the rest of the radical Left really don’t care about alienating at least half of the country. How they expect to win the presidency with attitudes like this is anyone’s guess. Given their recent obsession with removing statues and monuments, they’re the last people who should be talking about history.

Democrats are all too happy to tear it all down. They’ve gone so crazy, they’re now removing pictures of former Democratic Speakers from the House walls. They’re throwing their own history into the trash heap.

But they think it’s Trump supporters who will end up in the trash heap of history?? Unbelievable.

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