Parler Gets Booted from Amazon Web Service, Files Lawsuit

In what’s been a stunning 72 hours since Twitter permanently banned President Trump from its service, Parler announced late Sunday that they have been given notice that Amazon Web Service would terminate their relationship at midnight Monday, effectively shutting down the free-speech alternative to Twitter. Amazon claims that Parler fails to moderate violent or egregious content on their site, which could lead to further violence like the Capitol Building riot last Wednesday. Parler countered that point by reaffirming that threats of violence are already prohibited by their Terms of Service Agreement.

Parler filed a lawsuit against Amazon on Monday, seeking a temporary restraining order to keep AWS from effectively shutting them down. Parler is claiming that the tech giant breached their contract by failing to provide 30 days’ notice before terminating their service. Parler further accused Amazon of interfering with their prospective economic advantage because the termination of service came as millions of users are leaving Twitter and are actively looking for an alternative.

The lawsuit caps a weekend that saw all of the major tech giants in America conspire to suppress conservative voices online. Besides permanently banning President Trump, Twitter has been removing millions of followers from conservatives on their platform. Apple and Google both removed Parler from their app stores citing their alleged failure to moderate content. Facebook and Youtube have also banned the President in recent days.