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Who’s Publishing Fake News Now?


(NewsBreakDaily.org) – For Progressive Liberals — politicians and their media shills — there’s nothing more important than The Agenda. Not the people, not the economy, and most certainly not the truth. In just the past few days, two television personalities have proven President Trump’s “fake news” is dead on the money.

1st Lie

The host of his eponymous late-night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel was the first offender. He showed what he claimed was a video of Vice President Mike Pence delivering “empty” boxes to a nursing home. He then issued what his Liberal cohorts are graciously calling an apology.

Sometimes sarcasm can be difficult to pick up on in the written word — not this time:

The clip of the VP was intentionally edited to give the impression the boxes he carried were empty, which turns out to be a baldfaced lie. Even Twitter, the pro-liberal social media platform, finally had to succumb and label it “manipulated media.”

The late-night audience must be chock-full of Liberals if people like Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and Seth Myers managed to build a following based on their anti-Trump rhetoric. Maybe it’s as simple as folk of that ilk having trouble falling asleep at night, for some reason or another.

2nd Lie

Hot on the heels of that…fib…Chuck Todd of NBC’s “Meet the Press” aired and commented upon a maliciously-edited clip of Attorney General (AG) Bill Barr. In the video, Barr made a joke to a CBS interviewer, at which point they cut back to Todd, who said, “[h]e didn’t make the case that he was upholding the rule of law,” an obvious reference to former President Barack Obama’s comments earlier in the week.

The desperate intent to smear the Trump Administration at every opportunity becomes self-evident a literal split-second later. With his next breath, Barr explains why future historians will identify this decision as one that’s rooted in justice.

Not long after the show’s Twitter account posted their “inadvertent” cut. It was a very serendipitous mistake for NBC ending the feed at that moment, the one which leaves Barr open to criticism — and reinforces Obama’s narrative. There was also an apparent glitch with Todd’s teleprompter, that it fed him the pre-written “Rule of Law” line. Yes, a burst of dumb good luck indeed.

The Progressive Liberal cabal is no longer satisfied with putting a spin on newsworthy events. Now they’re engineering “evidence” for their proletariat to point to. The First Amendment is designed to stop the government from killing off a “free and open press,” but what it doesn’t do is help Americans when they decide to commit mass suicide.

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Governor Rejected by Native Americans


(NewsBreakDaily.org) – The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe (CRST) and the Oglala Sioux Tribe (OST) in South Dakota put up checkpoints on federal and state highways earlier this year to help control the spread of COVID-19. With the push to reopen states heating up, Gov. Kristi Noem (R) sent a somewhat tersely-worded letter to the leaders of those nations.

Native American governments are very protective of their status as sovereign nations — separate from federal and state intrusions. By treaty, the health and welfare of their citizens is their responsibility, including response to the pandemic.

However, elected officials like Gov. Noem desperately want the American economy to return to some semblance of normality. Having traffic stopped at reservation borders is not conducive to that end. The main problem is the high-handed way she and the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) are responding.

Beyond the governor’s threat of “legal action” if her 48-hour deadline is not met, the BIA responded by telling tribal leaders the federal and state governments “own” the highways running through the reservations. This is not being taken well by tribal members and resulted in a sharp rebuke by the head of the CRST, Chairman Harold Frazier. He combated the statement with references to treaties and the Constitution.

This case is a prime example of two nations trying to do the best they can for their people but conflicted on how to do that. It also highlights the tensions brewing throughout the country caused by some states moving to reopen while others maintain their lockdowns.

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Obama and Flynn: A Strange Saga


(NewsBreakDaily.org) – Former President Barack Hussien Obama reemerged into American politics to rip the Department of Justice (DOJ) for dropping the politically-motivated case against retired US Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. His newfound respect for the “rule of law” seems a bit…disingenuous…given that even a Left-leaning magazine published an article in 2017 about his damage to the Constitution.

During the Obama Administration

Obama nominated Flynn to be the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and he took the post in 2012. He received it, in part, due to his sharp criticism of how the country handled its entry into the Iraq War.

This tells us Obama knew Flynn was a firebrand who wanted to reshape the DIA into something more streamlined than it was in order to deal with the volatile Middle East. This tends to give more credence to Flynn’s narrative as to the reason he was fired, his concerns over ISIS, than the president’s that he was “too difficult.”

Post-Trump Victory

Just before the inauguration of the new president — January 5, 2017, to be exact — a high-level meeting was held. Participants included Obama and now-former officials Vice President Joe Biden, FBI Director James Comey, and National Security Advisor Susan Rice. Newly released documents prove the former president knew of the wiretapping of Flynn’s calls.

During their duties of FBI and DOJ oversight, two senators came across an oddity in Rice’s official email that prompted them to ask questions. On January 20, 2017, literally minutes before President-elect Trump took the oath of office, she emailed herself a summary of the January 5 meeting and they wanted to know why. Her attorney’s response was 15 days later “was the first opportunity she had to do so.”


Obama in a “leaked” phone call with ex-aides bemoaned the Earth-shattering damage that could happen to all of American jurisprudence by dropping the case against a man “convicted of perjury” — which is not the situation at all. This from the man who allegedly sent Valerie Jarrett (who held no official office) back to her birth-nation to do an end-run around legal sanctions against Iran and backed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) infamous taunt about passing Obamacare.

How much Obama knew or if this has anything to do with his cryptic warning to Trump about Flynn is only beginning to emerge, but it’s disconcerting. Progressives make no secret they feel Trump usurped the White House from Hillary Clinton and the lengths they will go to see that election undone. While it’s a terrible idea to fall victim to conspiracy theories, it’s an equally good idea to keep an eye on what the government is doing — or has done.

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RBG Delivers Smackdown to 9th Circuit Court


(NewsBreakDaily.org) – United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) was the author of a 9-0 decision regarding the case of Evelyn Sineneng-Smith. Sineneng-Smith’s conviction on an illegal immigration statute was overturned by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. It wasn’t the fact they’d vacated a person’s sentence, but rather how they went about it that brought Ginsburg’s wrath down upon them.

In the case of the United States v. Sineneng-Smith, the defendant was convicted of breaking a federal statute that bars someone from encouraging illegal immigration. The 9th Circuit then reversed the conviction but not because Sineneng-Smith argued to have it overturned.

People and groups not directly involved with the litigation routinely file friend of the court (amicus curiae) briefs in matters in which they have a vested interest. For example, the National Rifle Association (NRA) frequently does so on important Second Amendment cases. In this case, the appeals panel actually went out and handpicked three groups to submit briefs, after oral arguments were complete.

To compound that error, the court specifically told these groups to include the idea that the law the defendant was convicted of was “unconstitutionally overbroad.” That was an argument that was not presented by defense attorneys at trial or on appeal.

This particular section of the federal court system has a notorious reputation for its Liberal Judicial Activism-based rulings. This time it appears they went so far off the rails that RBG noted their actions “in this case goes well beyond the pale.”

The nine people on SCOTUS unanimously decreed the Ninth Circuit crossed the line. Considering they’re frequently divided along Conservative/Liberal ideologies, this can only be seen as an extremely sharp rebuke.

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DOJ Resolves Flynn Issue


(NewsBreakDaily.org) – After the declassification and release of documents regarding the Robert Mueller probe and the FBI’s handling of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s interview, the Department of Justice (DOJ) notified the court of its intent to drop the case. As with most everything in 21st Century America, the reaction to the news is split along ideological lines.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is a lawyer who should understand the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment protections against the kind of tactics the FBI apparently used in this case. Although, perhaps his wrongheadedness here is excusable because these revelations destroy the foundation of their impeachment scam. The apparent scheme to entrap Gen. Flynn means there’s nothing to absolve him of because the “lies” never happened.

Some Liberals have wanted to overturn former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s loss in the 2016 election before President Trump was even inaugurated. To state the obvious, their objections are not about anything he’s done while in office. They’re merely upset that Hillary was stopped from expanding the Socialist/Communist Agenda they want to foist upon the country. Be assured they’ll resort to all kinds of chicanery to steal the White House back come November.

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Dems Bleeding America Dry


(NewsBreakDaily.org) – In 1943, a psychologist named Abraham Maslow published a tiered concept about how human beings tend to view the importance of fulfilling their needs. Today it’s simply called “Maslow’s Hierarchy.” In general, people are going to be most concerned with essentials like food, water, and safety long before they worry about prestige and entertainment. It seems this is a lesson the Liberals in Congress have forgotten while holed up in their ice cream-laden ivory towers.

House Democrats are putting together another COVID-19 stimulus package — this one’s expected to be a multi-trillion dollar outlay of federal money. If Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) has his way, tens of billions will primarily go to New York City theaters and museums.

It’s not that the arts aren’t important, but personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline medical personnel and the like should be a much higher priority. In addition to this pork, Democrats want to include payments to illegal aliens and force landlords to forego their income by legislatively canceling rent payment. As Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) put it: “[w]e need to be able to play hardball.”

Time and again, Progressive politicians put their agenda ahead of the American people they claim to represent. They even do it during a crisis the likes of which the country hasn’t faced in generations, if ever.

The world looks to the United States as the epitome of freedom and these people are doing their best to erase it.

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The Case of the Disappearing Meat


(NewsBreakDaily.org) – Americans are facing another troubling issue thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic — this time in the form of a shortage of meat in the supply chain. The virus is taking a heavy toll on the workforce of the meatpacking industry, leading to numerous plant closures. Now, grocery stores are rationing and at least one fast-food player is making drastic menu changes.

Some locations of the now-ironically named Wendy’s Old-Fashioned Hamburgers in California, Kentucky and South Carolina are reduced to selling only chicken and side dishes. The company that engraved the question “where’s the beef?” into America’s collective consciousness in the 1980s now has people asking them the exact same question.

It’s not only the takeout food industry that’s facing fallout. Some grocery chains have also begun restricting the amount of meat one customer may buy. Costco stores, for example, are only allowing members to purchase three packages of fresh beef, poultry, or pork per trip. That follows in the footsteps of supermarket chains Kroger and Giant Eagle who previously announced rationing at certain locations.

Retailers hope that the limitations will prevent two things: hoarding and a repeat of the Great Toilet Paper Stampede of 2020. The United States is still searching for what the “new normal” is going to be and its citizens need to travel that road without giving into something far more dangerous than COVID-19 — panic.

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Americans Push Back


(NewsBreakDaily.org) – When spring transitions into summer, people all across the country look forward to spending more time outside. But this year, stay-at-home orders have put that on hold. That, coupled with a loss of income because so many businesses are closed, and a simple desire to interact with another human being, has caused a spate of protests around the nation.

In Miami, they’re calling it tyranny; in California, protesters were met by police on horseback; and in Michigan, demonstrators, some reportedly armed, were in the Statehouse. The wisdom of those who attended the rallies without facemasks has been called into question by Dr. Deborah Birx of VP Mike Pence’s COVID-19 team. She described it as “devastatingly worrisome.”

Far-left Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) and Progressive Liberal media hacks have taken to the mainstay of their political rhetoric — racism. By focusing on a few people waving flags associated with the Confederate States, they’re misrepresenting it as some alt-right movement, which is typical of their ilk.

As Americans start to chafe at the Blue States’ continued draconian measures and their penchant of using crises to advance their Socialist/Communist Agenda, these peaceful protests are likely to grow in frequency and size. However, the longer this quarantine lasts, the sharper the fight between the Bill of Rights and COVID-19 safety is likely to get.

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Joe, She Was Just a Teenager!


(NewsBreakDaily.org) – The allegations against Joe Biden, which were leveled against him by former senate staffer Tara Reade, haven’t been adequately addressed yet. Now, another woman has come forward about an uncomfortable encounter with him. On the plus side, it doesn’t involve any unwanted physical contact, but in one way it’s much, much more disturbing.

New Claim Surfaces

Law & Crime, a left-leaning news site, broke the story of 26-year old Eva Murry and her first encounter with the former Obama VP, much to her chagrin. It happened on a campaign stop when her aunt, Christine O’Donnell was vying for his senate seat in 2008 before he was tapped for the second spot on the Democrat ticket that year.

Upon meeting her, Biden asked how old she was and she replied 14. His response was: “Fourteen? You’re very well endowed for 14!” Yes, the then-68-year old man soon to be “one heartbeat from the presidency” commented on the physical development of a teenage girl. Her aunt verified her account and girls she knew back then recall her telling them about it, a sort of “outcry witnesses.”

Hypocrisy in the Highest

Fast-forward 10 years to 2018, America found itself transfixed by the Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the charges made by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Progressive Liberals far and wide convicted him based simply on her statement and started a movement that said we must #BelieveWomen who come forward with sexual assault claims. Celebrities and politicians took to social media to trumpet that slogan, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and even Biden himself.

The Speaker’s double-standards came shining through when she endorsed Biden’s candidacy after Reade’s complaint became public. Perhaps a more accurate, albeit more cumbersome hashtag would be #BelieveAllWomenWhoAccuseConservatives.

What passes for morality on the Left can be mind-boggling in the extreme. If an Average Joe faced these accusations, he’d be facing police questioning and a potential sex-offender tag. But this Joe? Let’s make him the most powerful man in the world. And they wonder why some have named them “the Looney Left.”

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Shocking! Flynn Evidence Reveals FBI Issues


(NewsBreakDaily.org) – New documents regarding the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) handling of the case surrounding Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (R) show it may not have been as aboveboard as Americans should demand of their top cops. It appears a politically-motivated order to keep the witchhunt investigation going was issued when in-field investigators felt no crime had been committed.

Cast of Characters

Michael Flynn — After a 33-year career in the United States Army (USA), which included a stint as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) during the Barack Obama presidency, he was asked to retire in 2014. During his time as an advisor to then-President-Elect Donald Trump, he came to the attention of the FBI.

Peter Strzok — He was the Chief of the FBI’s Counterespionage Section whose anti-Trump bias is well documented.

Bill Priestap — He succeded Strzok as head of counterespionage and became a central figure. It appears he made handwritten notes on documents that have been construed by some as consideration to force Flynn to lie.

CROSSFIRE RAZOR (CR) was the FBI codename for the Flynn investigation.


It’s no secret the Progressive Liberals have been trying to undo the 2016 defeat of Hillary Clinton at the hands of Donald Trump since before he ever took office. They tried to tie the Trump campaign to alleged Russian interference in the election.

While in Russia, Flynn was seen at dinner with high-ranking officials, and the Democrats took this as proof-positive the fix was in to rig the election. After two years of wasted time and money, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report debunked that theory.

Operation Crossfire Razor

The FBI’s relentless pursuit of Flynn seemingly left him in a position where he had no choice but to plead guilty to a charge of lying to federal officers. Prior to his phone interview, Strzok and other agents used emails to strategize on the best tactics to get him talking.

This is where Priesap’s notes come into the picture. The group’s options included “[…do we] get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?” The fact the officers sworn to uphold the Constitution would go into an interview, not an interrogation, with even the slightest thought of forcing someone to perjure himself to gain leverage should be abhorrent to every American.

All this has led Flynn’s defense team to file a motion to dismiss charges because the guilty plea was obtained through “egregious government misconduct.” The battle being waged in the media is, of course, falling along ideological lines. The Leftists are calling it a whole lot of nothing, while the Right is framing it as a miscarriage of justice.

Right now, the man’s immediate future is in the hands of a judge appointed by Bill Clinton… who just happens to be married to the woman who lost the White House.

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