NY Dem’s Outlandish Reason For Primary Loss

NY Dem's Outlandish Reason For Primary Loss

(NewsBreakDaily.org) – Democrats are notorious for making outlandish excuses for their losses. Case in point, Michael Blake, a candidate in New York, is now refusing to concede his House primary election because he alleges wide-spread “Black voter suppression.”

On June 23, Blake came in second in the in-person ballot count in the race for New York’s 15th Congressional district. He didn’t offer any proof for his allegations, but he certainly had a lot of excuses for his loss.

Blake is a Black candidate, but so is Ritchie Torres, the primary winner. So it’s a little awkward to claim Black voter suppression.

According to a lengthy statement put out by Blake’s campaign, there were many irregularities in Tuesday’s primary election.

The Alleged Voter Suppression

He said one polling place located in a Black neighborhood didn’t open the voting on time, which led to some voters leaving without casting a ballot. Another polling site in Concourse Village, a predominantly Black community, moved without explanation. This forced elderly voters to walk considerable distances putting their health at risk because of COVID-19, according to Blake.

On top of all of that, Blake alleges that a large number of ballots cast by voters with disputed registrations weren’t counted. The Democrat claims all of these irregularities show a pattern of intentional Black voter suppression.

Torres is currently ahead of Blake in the vote count by 11%, with the mail-in ballots still not counted. The non-partisan Cook Political Report has already called the race for Torres saying his lead is too large to overcome.

However, both candidates are waiting for all of the votes to be counted. Blake refuses to concede, and Torres is refraining from declaring victory until the process is complete, which could take weeks.

Blake’s calling for a full investigation by the City and State Boards of Elections.

To make this story even more bizarre, Blake is a high-ranking member of the Democratic National Committee in New York. So this is a DNC vice-chair accusing the Democratic Party of rigging an election. He’s saying it was based on race, even though both candidates were Black.

It’s a strange argument to make, but it just goes to show that Democrats are sore losers. We will likely hear more about this nonsense in the fall.

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