NOW This Liberal Mayor Wants Trump’s Help

NOW This Liberal Mayor Wants Trump's Help

( – Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) has been downright rude and obnoxious to President Trump. He’s offered to help with the violent unrest occurring in her city. But on Wednesday, she insisted she would never accept the “troops” sent by her enemy. She also said Trump was targeting her because she was a woman.

She was adamant when she said, “Under no circumstances” would she allow federal officers to “terrorize” Chicago residents.

The truth is, Lightfoot (along with many other Democratic mayors) is failing her city. It’s ridiculous that Trump should even have to send troops. But these radical Leftists have allowed violence and crime to spiral out of control. Clearly, they can’t handle the problem on their own.

So Trump had to set her straight. On Wednesday night, he reached out to let her know he would be sending federal resources to Chicago, regardless of what she said that morning.

She Quickly Did an About Face

After speaking to the president, she changed her mind. Maybe she realized she didn’t have much of a choice. She knew she needed help, even when she was blasting him and saying she’d never accept it. She was just blustering against Trump to appeal to her Liberal base.

It’s unfortunate that Democrats always have to make everything political instead of sincerely working to solve the issues in their cities, problems they have created and stoked themselves. Thank God President Trump is putting the American people first.

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