Not Even Children’s Shows Are Safe From Left

Not Even Children's Shows Are Safe From Left

( – You would think that children’s TV shows with a G rating would be appropriate for kids to view. But unfortunately, that’s not always true. If you’re raising your kids with traditional family values, you may be surprised to see what the leftist media is pushing.

In what amounts to progressive propaganda, a new Netflix series called The Baby-Sitters Club is targeted at kids and carries a TV-G rating. This new show features a transgender character, and the series deals with issues like homosexuality.

The Baby-Sitters Club is based on a book series, centering around a group of young girls who open a babysitting business. In one episode, one of the sitters is asked to watch a 9-year-old child named Bailey. Bailey is presented as a girl, but is biologically male. Later in the episode, the babysitters discuss one of their gay fathers.

The show is top-rated, and it shows up on children’s searches on Netflix, which should concern all of us. But are these really the type of stories and values that should be presented to impressionable young minds?

“Safe for children” and “kid-friendly” don’t mean what they used to.

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