New COVID Numbers: Labs Caught Making “Major Errors”

New COVID Numbers: Labs Caught Making

( – On Tuesday, Florida officials released a new report on its COVID-19 cases. One big problem — the data was incorrect. Labs were allegedly cooking the books. Thanks to an investigation by Fox 35 Orlando, they may have been busted.

Many of the labs were reporting a 100% positivity rate. Others clocked in extremely high numbers. If this were accurate, it would mean nearly every single person who received a test was positive for the coronavirus.

That doesn’t seem possible.

Fox 35 contacted every local lab listed in the state’s report, and they allegedly found many major errors. Orlando Health, for example, admitted they were wrong when they reported a 98% positivity rate. The real number was 9.4%.

Even Veterans Affairs (VA) had false reporting. The information put out by the state said the positivity rate at the Orlando Veterans Affairs Medical Center was 76% — but it was actually only 6%.

The biggest problem with Florida’s latest data is it doesn’t reflect any of the negative tests. Was this just an innocent mistake by the labs? Or were they purposefully trying to make the virus news look worse than it is?

A spokesperson for Florida’s Department of Health said they’re working with the labs to educate them on proper protocol for reporting test results.

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