Meanwhile in the Rest of the World

Meanwhile in the Rest of the World

( – For some people, it’s still an open question as to whether or not China used the coronavirus as a biological weapon. However, it sure seems they’re taking advantage of the chaos it’s caused. Combine the pandemic with the riots taking place in America, and many people aren’t aware of the aggressive stance China’s taking with India, Taiwan, and Hong Kong as of late.

The Communist regime suddenly decided Hong Kong should no longer have the freedoms they’ve had since the United Kingdom relinquished control of the island nation. The “Handover” as it’s called, took place in 1997. As part of the agreement, they’d retain semi-autonomous rule, including the freedoms of free speech and assembly. Considering this crackdown comes amid pro-democracy protests, it appears Beijing may have a slightly different definition of “free” than the rest of the world.

Taiwan and India Threatened

The nation of Taiwan — or Chinese Taipei as organizations that kowtow to the government like to call it — has been under threat since its inception. China officially designates it as a province under rebellion and their top general has said they’d consider military force to take it back if necessary. The situation gets exacerbated because groups like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations (UN) refuse to recognize its independence.

Tensions with India are also on the rise. There’s a line of demarcation between the two countries set by a treaty known as “Line of Actual Control (LAC).” Reports indicate the Communist nation has crossed the border into India setting up base camps, with an estimated 10,000 troops. It certainly is a situation that bears watching as both of them are nuclear-capable.

America is facing two crises at the same time, and the various news agencies are spending the vast majority of their resources on the two stories in an attempt to capture viewers. But it’s vital to watch the rest of the world, because when these problems are resolved, and they will be, and when America finally looks outward again, she may just see a completely different world.

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