Maria Bartiromo Destroys Obama Official (VIDEO)

Maria Bartiromo Destroys Obama Official (VIDEO)

( – The American people want to know if the previous administration spied on Donald Trump. As more information is released, that’s exactly what it looks like. And this week, Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo tried to get some answers.

On July 28, Bartiromo battled with former President Obama’s senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett. The two exchanged words over the alleged spying on the Trump campaign. Bartiromo repeatedly berated Jarrett about her former boss directing the FBI to target Trump.

The Fox News host pointed out there’s a criminal investigation underway. “People could go to jail,” Bartiromo said. She then asked Jarrett if she believed former FBI Director James Comey should go to jail over the fake dossier.

The Obama official tried to dodge the question, arguing they shouldn’t be focused on things that happened four years ago. She said she’d rather see an investigation into what’s happening now.

But Bartiromo quickly shot back, saying there’s now official confirmation the FBI knew the Steele dossier was garbage because the sub-source told them it was unverifiable in early January.

Jarrett didn’t offer any real defense of the Obama administration’s reported actions. She did her best to avoid the tough questions, but Bartiromo was relentless about getting the truth out there. And, she was right. The alleged spying on Trump was a huge scandal, and people should absolutely go to jail for it if it’s proven.

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