Ivanka Fights Back Against Cancel Culture

Ivanka Fights Back Against Cancel Culture

(NewsBreakDaily.org) – The cancel culture has struck again. This time Liberals forced the cancelation of a commencement speech that was to be given by Ivanka Trump at Wichita State University. The president’s daughter and senior White House advisor handled it like a pro.

On Friday night, she took to Twitter to address the situation:

Ivanka said free speech should be welcome at our nation’s college campuses. She pointed out the Left’s discrimination against opposing viewpoints goes against everything academia is supposed to stand for.

In a letter posted online Friday, associate professor of photo media at WSU, Jennifer Ray, said Ivanka represented an administration symbolizing the worst elements of our country. Particularly with how they handled protesters in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

Ray’s letter drew hundreds of signatures from faculty, students, and alumni — that’s all it took. The university dropped Ivanka’s speech because of the Liberal pressure.

But she got the last laugh because she posted her commencement speech on Twitter Friday night. The university may be trying to stifle free speech, but Ivanka found a way to get her powerful words out anyway.

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