Fund Takes Heat for Bail Money Donations

Fund Takes Heat for Bail Money Donations

( – Cities from coast to coast are trying to clean up destruction left by rioters following the death of George Floyd. Many of the criminals who caused the chaos were arrested. However, they weren’t held for long thanks to the get-out-of-jail-free card waiting for them.

That free pass is being provided by bail-out charities like the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF). Following the nation-wide protests last week, celebrities and the wealthy woke mob gave an unprecedented amount of money to the MFF. The money is going to bail out violent criminals who were arrested for looting and setting fires, among other acts.

According to The Non-Profit Times, MFF raised just $160,000 between 2017 and 2018. Following the riots over the past two weeks, they were able to rake in an astonishing amount — over $30 million. They raised so much money, in fact, the organization asked donors to slow down and give to other charities.

The Real Questions

There are some significant questions that need to be answered here. First, is MFF bailing out members of Antifa? And, are the funds making their way into Democratic coffers?

Democrats certainly have been pushing their supporters to donate to the MFF. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), for one, tweeted out a link to the organization.

President Trump weighed in on the controversy, too.

It’s not just that the MFF is setting criminals free, they’re also calling for the defunding of the police, an idea that’s extremely unpopular with most sensible Americans.

Antifa Support

MFF hasn’t publically stated that they supported Antifa. However, the organization’s working closely with the National Lawyer’s Guild (NLG), who does support Antifa. Recently the NLG defended the radical Left group against Trump’s decision to label it as a terrorist organization.

There’s even some evidence both the MFF and NLG have ties to George Soros. Shocker. But the executive director of MFF, Tonja Honsey, became a Soros Justice Fellow in 2019, named by the Open Society Foundation.

The radical left NLG has partnered with Soros-backed organizations and received funding from Soros’ Open Society. But even with their connections to Soros and Antifa, they sure don’t like to be called out for it.

Last week, when a reporter accused the NLG and MFF of operating as Antifa’s “legal arm,” the Portland, Oregon, chapter told the reporter to f-off. Touchy, aren’t they?

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