Far-Left Groups Do Not Want “Justice”

Far-Left Groups Do Not Want

(NewsBreakDaily.org) – A black man by the name of George Floyd lost his life in Minneapolis, Minnesota and it was totally, completely, and blatantly unnecessary. A white police officer continued to kneel on his neck long after he became unresponsive. Understandably outraged citizens took to the streets in peaceful protests that then turned riotous when groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter got involved.

Tragedy Multiplied

The details of the night Floyd was killed are scarce to nonexistent. As is typical in these situations, videos of what happened before the incident and its aftermath surfaced, but not the event itself. The latter videos are enough any decent human being would be inflamed by what happened.

Protest signs and social media hashtags abound crying out for “justice” for the victim. Sadly, those radical groups show up and transform the righteous anger into mob violence. Just as they did in Ferguson, Missouri, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, they callously used the grief of the people to instigate a race-war. This dishonors Floyd and his world vision.

Politicians Aren’t Helpful

Generally speaking, that comment can be universally applied to everyone, but in cases like this, their uselessness is magnified. One would think that people in their position — many of them lawyers in their own right — would understand justice isn’t served in the streets. It’s like they jumped off a cliff without looking at the water first and belatedly found out it was only about two feet deep.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and AOC, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), both chimed in with opinions that were … less than calming. Warren called it a “state-sponsored killing” which is likely to call to mind Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, and AOC just went for the more simplistic “murder.”

No reasonable person could readily argue that people with brown skin are treated the same as white people in America, even nearly a half-century after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) talked about his “Dream.” The flipside and an equally as true argument is mass violence and the destruction of property owned by innocent people is not the way to solve the problem. Until the country’s leaders stop pointing fingers and casting blame and start pulling together Dr. King had a pipedream.

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