#DefundPolice Movement?!? The Left Has Finally Gone Round the Bend

DefundPolice Movement?!? The Left Has Finally Gone Round the Bend

(NewsBreakDaily.org) – Either the Progressive Liberals have finally lost their collective minds, or they’ve just publicly declared their first step in overthrowing the American way of life. Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) has signaled her support of a movement championed by Black Lives Matter (BLM) that proposes, of all things, defunding the police departments across the country.

They’ve somehow come to the conclusion that dumping increasing amounts of money into social programs like more public housing and expanded welfare benefits will cause all the violent criminals to suddenly sit around singing Kumbaya. Yes, people of color can be targeted by law enforcement far more often than whites are. Yes, it’s time to stand up and face that straight on. But no! Taking the money from the Thin Blue Line will not solve the problem.

The naïveté is mind-boggling with these people. Antifa is not just “anti-fascist,” a good number of them are proud to be called anarchist and would love a completely defenseless populace. If this were to come to pass, we could find ourselves living in the movie The Purge, but it would be for 365 days a year — not just one.

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