Day Three of Trump Impeachment Proceedings

The second impeachment of former President Donald Trump has concluded its third day on Friday, and here’s a rundown of exactly what has happened so far.

Senate Votes to Proceed With Impeachment

The Senate was divided on the constitutionality of the impeachment proceedings they are about to undertake. On the opening day of the impeachment, the constitutionality was put to an early test with a vote to continue the proceedings. The vote passed by a margin of 56-44 and the impeachment will continue.

Dems Attempt to Build Case Against Trump

Democrats attempting to link the January 6th storming of the U.S. Capitol building began by setting the stage with some never before seen footage of the riot. One particularly dramatic moment was security camera footage from inside the Capitol that showed just how close rioters came to Senator Mitt Romney. Romney was headed down the hallway toward the rotunda when Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman came sprinting down the hallway and directed the senator to safety just moments before rioters arrived. While this footage was certainly dramatic and showed Officer Goodman to be a hero, it did little to link Trump and his words to the action unfolding.

Dems Play Video of Trump “Incitement” Speech, Leave Out One Important Line

While Democrats laid out the case that former President Trump incited a riot during his January 6th speech in Washington D.C., they played a video of his speech. Except that they left out perhaps his most important line. At the end of his speech to supporters, Donald Trump told them to “peacefully and patriotically protest”, a line that Democrats conveniently left out of their video presentation.