Cruz Calls Out Dems for Shady Coordinated Efforts to Hurt Trump

Cruz Calls Out Dems for Shady Coordinated Efforts to Hurt Trump

( – On July 26, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” where he blasted Democrats for their dirty tactics against President Trump. The senator accused the Left of deliberately and dishonestly trying to extend the lockdown of schools and businesses to hurt the commander-in-chief politically before the November presidential election.

The Texas senator was particularly upset about the Dems plan for a new COVID-19 relief bill. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) indicated they want to continue with the additional $600 per week payment of federal unemployment money. The problem with that, as Cruz pointed out, is it’s more money than 68% of people receiving the benefit are making at their jobs.

Cruz told host Margaret Brennan he’s hearing from many small business owners in Texas who are having a hard time reopening because they can’t get their employees to come back. He argued the reason they’re not returning is the federal government is paying twice as much for them to stay home.

According to the senator, Congress should be passing a recovery bill to lift taxes and regulations for small businesses. He said the way to get people back to work is to suspend payroll taxes. This would give everyone a pay raise, which would be a great incentive to get employees to return.

Senate Republicans and House Democrats will have to come together this week to get a relief package passed to help the American people. Hopefully, the GOP will be able to override the leftist wishes of the Left. They want to keep the country locked down until after the election for the sole purpose of hurting Donald Trump — and that can’t happen.

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