Criminals Target Jesus

Criminals Target Jesus

( – In another violent attack this week in Florida, a statue of Jesus Christ was knocked off its pedestal and decapitated. This is yet one more alarming example of the Leftist mob lashing out at religious freedom.

Rev. Edivaldo da Silva, the priest at Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Miami, found the desecrated statue on July 15. The police are now investigating the incident. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann (R-TN) spoke out about the disturbing incident on Twitter.

In a statement put out following the incident, the church asked the community to pray for peace. Good Shepherd said it was too soon to come to any conclusions about the attack, but it has noticed other cases of vandalism against religious institutions across the US. Archbishop Thomas Wenski is calling for police to investigate the desecration as a hate crime.

To stop these things from happening again, Good Shepherd has hired an overnight security guard.

The decapitation of Jesus is an outrageous attack on Christianity. These symbols give great comfort to people. It’s extremely disturbing that the “woke” mob is now going after them. The violence must stop.

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