CDC Weighs in on School Openings

CDC Weighs in on School Openings

( – The subject of opening schools is causing a hot debate everywhere. President Trump has been pushing for them to reopen next month. Those opposing the move are worried about sending children back to school with COVID-19 surging in some parts of the country. According to the CDC, there are more health risks associated with keeping schools shut than with opening them.

Robert Redfield, CDC Director, said this week that leaving schools closed posed a great health threat to children.

He elaborates that people in the country are really underestimating the public health consequences for kids having the schools closed. He’s confident in saying we can reopen safely, working in partnership with local jurisdictions.

On Wednesday, Trump criticized the CDC for its “very tough and expensive guidelines” for reopening schools. The president was concerned with the politicization of the public health agency.

On Thursday, Redfield said he has no intention of changing the existing guidelines. However, he will be issuing further guidance for clarity, focusing largely on the importance of face masks in schools.

The CDC Is Not Alone in Their Assessment

The CDC isn’t the only one calling for students returning to school. The American Academy of Pediatrics also wants them reopened due to the threat of social and educational harm to children if they’re kept home for much longer.

The American Federation of Teachers and the American Association of School Administrators are not so sure about the move. These organizations claim to need considerably more funding to reopen the nation’s schools safely.

When asked this week about increased funding, Redfield played coy, saying he’d have to see what plans the school districts come up with.

So far, the Trump administration has not presented specific guidelines. When Vice President Pence was asked about it this week, he said the idea was to continue with extensive testing.

Redfield said they didn’t want to go overboard, trying to come up with a system that doesn’t accept the reality that COVID-19 is relatively benign to children. He acknowledged there was a need to “protect the vulnerable,” including teachers and kids with underlying health conditions. However, he didn’t explain how they plan to do that.

Most of the experts agree the country’s schools must reopen soon. It’s time.

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