Can Giuliani Get Biden to the Podium?

Can Giuliani Get Biden to the Podium?

( – If there’s one thing President Donald Trump’s looking forward to, it’s debating Sleepy Joe. Trump’s reelection campaign is so excited about it, in fact, that on Thursday, they tasked Rudy Giuliani with trying to set up more presidential debates this fall.

Right now, there are three scheduled:

  • September 29 at the University of Notre Dame
  • October 15 at the University of Michigan
  • October 22 at Belmont University

The real question is, will Biden have the nerve to come out of his bunker basement to face Trump?

If he does, the match-ups are sure to draw large viewing audiences. One thing concerning the Trump campaign is that both of the October debates are scheduled for Thursday nights. If the NFL is back this fall, their Thursday night games will overlap the debates, which could mean fewer viewers.

Trump wants as many voters as possible to witness him shredding the weak Democratic contender. So Giuliani is going to try to schedule the extra debates on weeknights other than Thursdays. The president was floating the idea of more than three debates since even before Biden clinched the Democratic nomination.

President Trump is very confident in his debating skills, and he’s certainly not intimidated by Sleepy Joe.

Time will tell if Giuliani can get extra debates put on the schedule, or even if Biden will show up at all. But one thing’s for sure. If they take place, they will be must-see TV.

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