Biden Would Seek To Make Roe vs. Wade Law Of Land

Former U.S. Vice President and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said if he were elected, he’d make sure to pass legislation that would ensure Roe v. Wade would become “law of the land.”

During Miami’s NBC town hall on Monday, Biden expressed his thoughts to attendee Cassidy Brown. Brown expressed her worry to Biden that she’d be unable to get birth control and abortion if Amy Coney Barrett were confirmed as a Supreme Court justice.

Biden said no one knew for sure what Barrett would do, but the responsible thing to do was pass legislation to ensure the ruling’s survival.

Brown never specifically mentioned abortion in her question, but instead, use the term reproductive health care. She said going into college, getting a degree and having a career before starting a family was important to her. Brown said it was vital that she could have access to birth control and safe reproductive health care.

There were two false accounts in her presentation about the abortion topic.

The first was her inability to have a career without some kind of access to birth control or reproductive health care (abortion). Or, that her access to birth control was in danger should Barrett be confirmed as justice and decides the Affordable Care Act’s future.

By this thinking, women can have sex before marriage and get free birth control. If the birth control fails, she should be able to attain an abortion, both of which Planned Parenthood can provide.

The second was that employers were sexist for disagreeing with the mandate of providing contraception in their health insurance plans. Kathleen Sebelius added the birth control mandate to the ACA as a necessary preventive service.

However, cheap forms of birth control were always in option for women before the passage of the ACA (Obamacare) and would still be offered even if it were overturned.

President Donald Trump addressed this in a tweet, saying the Democrats and Biden were in full favor of late-term abortions, right before a baby is born. Trump called it an execution. The Governor of Virginia stated as much, he wrote, and Biden endorsed him.

Planned Parenthood Votes issued a press release in September, stating Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s legacy should be protected. The release showed what would happen if Trump were to fill her seat with a nominee so against reproductive rights, health care, democracy and civil rights.