Biden Says No to Campaign Rallies

Biden Says No to Campaign Rallies

( – Joe Biden has been hiding in his Delaware home for months. He’s done minimal campaigning. And on Tuesday, he announced that he’s going to be doing even less.

The presumed Democratic nominee for president says he won’t be holding any campaign rallies between now and the election. He’s using the coronavirus as his excuse to skip the rallies. However, you have to wonder if the real issue is that he can’t fill a stadium, not a fear of COVID-19.

In his first press conference in 89 days, Biden said on Tuesday he was making this decision based on advice from his doctors.

President Trump has already held campaign rallies, the most recent in Tulsa, Oklahoma. On Tuesday, they announced they were canceling a rally they were set to hold with Tommy Tuberville, a Republican Senate candidate from Alabama because of coronavirus concerns. His event at Mt. Rushmore is still on, though.

Rallies or no rallies President Trump is sure to make his voice heard between now and the November election. It’s still questionable whether or not Biden ever comes out of the basement.

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