Biden Has Big Plans For Day One of His Presidency

When President Trump took office in early 2017, he declared that he would erase President Obama’s legacy by executive order. It seems as though President-elect Joe Biden plans to do the same thing. President-elect Biden reportedly plans to take swift action to undo several of President Trump’s key executive actions on his first day in office, according to a memo from Biden’s soon-to-be Chief of Staff Ron Klain. The plans were first reported by the New York Times on Sunday. According to the memo, Biden plans to sign his own executive orders permitting the U.S. to rejoin the Parris Climate Accord and to remove the travel ban from several majority Muslim countries. He also plans to issue executive orders that will freeze all evictions and defer all student loan payments during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, he will sign an order mandating facemask use on all federal property.

And that’s just day one.

In the coming days and weeks, President-elect Biden also plans to issue executive orders reopening schools and businesses in accordance with new health and safety guidelines. It’s reported that he will also announce a plan to reunite families at the U.S. – Mexico border.

In a separate report from the Associated Press also on Sunday, it’s been announced that President-elect Biden will make a major announcement about immigration on his first day in office as well. Biden plans to ask Congress to begin legislation that will provide a pathway to citizenship for all 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States. The AP story noted that the last major blanket amnesty to pass was under Republican President Ronald Reagan in 1986 when he made a deal with Democrat Speaker of the House Rep. Tip O’Neill to grant citizenship to 3 million illegal immigrants.