Biden Commits Political Suicide With Oil Industry Remark

Thursday night’s presidential debate assured only one winner… and it wasn’t the Democratic contender.

Trump was disciplined, prepared and nailed his opponent on several issues. However, the president let Joe Biden do himself in. And, there was one exchange in which Biden did indeed hang himself. Trump led Biden into admitting that he wanted to eliminate the oil industry.

Trump asked his opponent if he would shut down the oil industry.

Biden said he wanted to transition away from it.

Moderator Kristen Welker then asked why.

Biden replied that the oil industry lets out a lot of pollutants. He also said he would end the federal subsidies.

Trump then said that was the most significant statement when it came to business, wanted to ensure the residents of Texas, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania remembered that. By Trump’s face, it was certain that Biden had committed an electoral faux pas with the remark, and that he had Pennsylvania in the bag with it.

One New York Times reporter suggested the statement could even hurt democrats in energy states.

There’s little doubt that people in energy states are going to be happy with Biden’s plan, along with his idea to raise taxes in an economy that’s going to come back.

Trump also caught Biden in a lie, saying he never wanted to ban fracking or fossil fuels.

Climate change was allegedly going to be a topic that helped the Democratic presidential contender, but it looks like it hurt him significantly.