Appeals Court Steps Into Flynn Case

Appeals Court Steps Into Flynn Case

( – The United States Appeals Court for the District of Columbia has entered the trial of former Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and granted his attorneys’ emergency writ of mandamus. They’ve given Judge Emmet Sullivan 10 days to answer why he refused to grant the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) motion to drop the charges against the former national security advisor.

Short Recap

Soon after becoming president, Trump’s NSA allegations of misconduct were leveled against him by holdovers from the Obama administration’s DOJ. After a questionable interview of the general, Flynn eventually pled guilty to charges of lying to the FBI. His attorneys filed to recant the guilty plea due to concerns Flynn had been entrapped. Recently declassified documents tend to support that conclusion.

As usual, the Progressive Liberals in Congress seem to feel they must continue what Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) describes as “judicial intimidation.” The accusation came after Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) took to Twitter and mocked Judge Neomi Rao, whom Trump recently appointed to the bench.

Sadly, in America today, it’s not unusual to see bureaucrats still in place from the administration of former President Barack Obama and judicial activists trying to impede President Trump’s administration at all costs. First, the Democrats used the impeachment fiasco to try to undo the results of the 2016 election. Now they’re trying every Machiavellian scheme they can think of to steal the White House in November, no matter who gets in the way.

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