Antifa Supporter Leads Mayoral Race In Portland

A new poll shows that Sarah Innarone is leading the mayoral race in Portland.

Innarone is an Antifa supporter who has outright supported the nightly civil unrest. The Portland Business Alliance carried out a poll that shows she is leading the incumbent Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler, 41 percent to 30 percent.

According to the poll, 16 percent of voters would instead cast their support to a write-in candidate, with another 13 percent of voters unsure of who they’d vote for.

The lead is a massive turnaround from the May voting, where Wheeler garnered a little less than 50 percent of the vote, which forced a run-off between the two. Since May, Wheeler has seen a drop in his popularity.

In response to the latest poll, Innarone said polls don’t win elections, but she wasn’t surprised by it. She said her campaign has been talking with voters each week. She said voters want a mayor who has a clear-cut plan for progress, not apologies for mistakes.

Innarone is openly supportive of Antifa, which is a decentralized, far-left movement with supporters that incite violence throughout American cities. She said she supports the movement because “Red Hats” are coming after democracy and people of different races and religions.

The DCNF asked her if she would continue supporting Antifa, but Innarone said she sees Antifa as a movement that opposes fascism. Most voters, she said via email, realize that Antifa’s scare tactics are nothing more than a ploy Donald Trump is using to win the presidency again.

She said the U.S. president should be more concerned about the 200,000+ dead of COVID than Antifa.

Innarone said protests would continue throughout the city and country until leaders own up the reality that there are problems with police brutality, racism and white supremacy. She said protests are healthy to democracy, and peaceful protests are just not cutting it.