Another Week and More Liberal Hypocrisy

Another Week and More Liberal Hypocrisy

( – It just wouldn’t be another week in American politics without the Democrats proving once again that they really have no shame when it comes to evicting President Donald Trump from the White House in November. They’ll excuse sexism and racism and promote election fraud to see it done.

Joe’s At It Again

Former Obama VP Joe Biden who is as of now the presumptive candidate for the Democrats to take on Trump has once again stumbled and yet many on the left want to excuse him. If their abandonment of the #MeToo movement wasn’t bad enough when they chose to absolve him over  assault allegations made by a former staffer when he was a senator, Liberals seem ready to forgive him for his racially insensitive comment.

During an interview with Charlamagne tha God on the radio show “The Breakfast Club,” Biden had another gaffe and said that African-Americans who do not support him in the upcoming election “ain’t black.” Conservative politicians took him to task for that, and even the mainstream media seem to jump on him at first, but it seems old Teflon Joe might dodge this one too.

Ravi Perry, who is the chair of political science at Harvard put it rather succinctly. He said Biden is nothing more than a “means to an end.” It appears this educator, at one of the most prestigious schools in America, is more than willing to trade his morals to see the president removed.

At the Ballot Box

Meanwhile in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a former judge of elections pled guilty in federal court to several counts related to taking bribes for stuffing ballots. He admitted to attempting to swing elections in favor of Democratic Party candidates.

In at least three elections between 2014 and 2016, he would occupy a voting station when he thought no one was watching, and fill out ballot after ballot for the people who paid him enough money. And while he only cheated on 40 to 50 ballots each year, that number is a bit misleading considering the number of total votes cast. When the size of the precinct is accounted for that is almost 20% of the total.

That from the party that wants you to trust them not to abuse the vote-from-home scheme they’re proposing for the presidential election. Liberals expect people to believe that only registered voters, and only American citizens, will fill out such a ballot and that their efforts to harvest them will be completely aboveboard. Perhaps they need to hire media consultants whose first job is to convince people to buy oceanfront property in Arizona.

It really is unclear if Progressives and their media shills have become delusional or if they have the best poker faces in the known universe. What is clear, however, is that they have not gotten over Hillary Clinton’s soul-crushing loss in 2016 and will do anything they need to, tell any lie they have to, and rollover anybody who gets in the way to undo that “travesty of justice.”

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