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Trump Pulls US Out of Treaty


(NewsBreakDaily.org) – President Donald Trump announced that the United States will be leaving the multinational agreement known as the Open Skies Treaty due to continued Russian violations. Of course, Progressive Liberals are accusing him of increasing international tensions during the pandemic, which could lead to unneeded military confrontation. At least, as far as their anti-Trump rhetoric goes anyways.

Conservative lawmakers are in support of this decision because the treaty has become increasingly one-sided in favor of Russia. It’s being hailed as a way to stop President Vladimir Putin from unfairly spying on America and strengthening the nation’s security.

Democrats, however, have described the maneuver as reckless. They’ve somehow developed respect and care for our European allies, which has not always been the case. How they equate our adherence to the treaty while allowing Russia to deny American overflights with recklessness is a bit mind-boggling. Then again, maybe they’re just not used to a president who won’t kowtow to other countries.

The country is seeing unprecedented turmoil in the face of the coronavirus that has wreaked havoc on employment, American society, and the economy. President Trump is doing all he can to keep us moving along safely in the world. But, the liberals in Congress and their media shills seem intent on derailing his efforts.

Just as they did with the virus relief bills, this effort just seems like one more attempt to push their Communist/Socialist Agenda ahead of the needs of the citizens they purport to represent. And, another scheme to steal the White House come November, by any means necessary.

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